I’m Attending MIT, Stanford & Harvard

Well, sort of.

Thanks to Academic Earth, a friggin' gift, you can follow (video) lectures given at universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard & Yale on some of the most popular subjects. There once was a time when you couldn't wait to get out of school, I suppose it makes sense to have a time where you'd do anything to learn new things.

Especially things you choose. And only those subjects you really like (did anyone say obligated French?).

The videos include all sort of subjects, such as Computer Science (/love), Mathematics, Engineering, ... all explained by well-respected professors.

I'm currently following the Computer Science III: Programming Paradigms course, which features a lot of interesting topics such as:

There are many other (complete!) courses to follow, such as Understanding Computers and the Internet (Harvard), Computer System Engineering (MIT), Computer Science I: Programming Methodology (Stanford) and many more!

I can only assume this will eat yet another chunk of my already severely shortened sleeping period. Oh, did I just hear the faint sound of coffee beans crushing?

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  1. Thanks for the post. I like the design and organization of the Academic Earth site.

    In response to jm, I personally find it easier to find the types of courses I enjoy on this site, as opposed to itunes. Also, I’m not a big fan of how downloading these videos from itunes stores it in the movies section and creates a playlist in itunes. Also, it seems like these flash videos load faster than itunes streaming.

    So, yes, it’s the same content. This site, in my opinion, has itunes beat on user interface.

    A Mac user

  2. Good stuff. I remember when all three of those universities were resisting what was then called “knowledge management” — not wanting their professors to “give it away.” Glad to see they’re changing their minds, at last, on courses that actually seem to matter.