The results after 1 week Duck Duck Go: I’m switching back to Google.

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I thought it would be a fun experiment to try out Duck Duck Go instead of Google for one week. It seemed reasonable, to avoid that filter bubble and avoid the tracking that Google does to you.

It's been more than a month ago that I said I would test it, but I must admit I lost track of it after one day. I need "my Google" to find solutions that I couldn't find on Duck Duck Go. And while the idea of Duck Duck Go is pretty neat, it just doesn't cut it when I'm trying to decypher deep technical problems.

In the end, it's as simple as this: I need Google and Google needs me. I accept their ads and their tracking, they help me get my job done. If that means I need to sacrifice part of my (online) privacy, then I guess I'll just have to settle.

So Long And Thanks For All The Ducks!

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