Chrome To Explicitly Mark HTTP Connections As Non-Secure

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Mattias Geniar, December 13, 2014

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So 2015 will be the year of HTTPs/SSL/TLS. Chromium, the project behind Chrome, is making plans to mark HTTP connections as “non-secure”.

We propose that user agents (UAs) gradually change their UX to display non-secure origins as affirmatively non-secure. We intend to devise and begin deploying a transition plan for Chrome in 2015. The goal of this proposal is to more clearly display to users that HTTP provides no data security.Chrome Security Team

If’s efforts to offer free SSL certificates pays of, the step to change HTTP to HTTPs for site owners may be just a little smaller. But running an HTTPs site is not without dangers, as bad implementations can knock your site offline.

This move seems to fit Chrome’s plan to push the SPDY/HTTP2 forward, as it’s built on TLS connections. But at what cost?

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