Here’s are some projects I work on.

Older projects that are no longer maintained are listed at the very bottom.

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Oh Dear!

Oh Dear! is a modern website uptime monitoring service that goes beyond just checking your homepage. Oh Dear! gives you multi-location uptime monitoring, status pages to communicate with your clients and a crawler that reports broken links & mixed content on your entire site. We also monitor SSL certificates extensively and provide plenty of different notification options.

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DNS Spy is a robust DNS monitoring solution. DNS Spy will scan for your DNS records and report any change to you. You'll be notified when - intentional or not - your DNS records change. We've also created the worlds' first DNS rating system.

Online but less maintained projects

These projects are sort-of finished and still online, serving their purpose.

Name What was it?
JSON prettifier A client-side tool to make minified/obfuscated JSON pretty again.
pwgen An online random string & password generator.
encoder A client-side encoder & decoder for base64, md5 and plenty more
Social media image generator Create good-looking social media images for use on Twitter & Facebook

Older archived projects

This list serves as a memory of projects that I no longer actively work on. Some of them are still very functional, but don't get regular updates.

This list contains some of the bigger projects, but I have plenty of small tools & scripts available on my Github page.

Name What was it? Year An online archive of relevant bitcoin mailing lists, presented with a clean UI. 2018
MARC A web-based, clean mailing list archiver. It mirrored popular open source projects' mailing lists. The named referenced "Mailing List Archiver". 2016
Drupal EngineHack Detector (offline) A website that allows you to scan a Drupal installation for evidence of the EngineHack attack. 2015
Infinite File Downloader The Infinite File Download. Why? Because! 2014
DNS Change Notifier A very simple script that will monitor the DNS of a domain and will alert the user whenever that domain changes DNS. This eventually lead to the creation of DNS Spy. 2012
Varnish URL Purger A very basic example of how to purge Varnish URLs from PHP using simple HTTP sockets. 2012
Undo Default WordPress Formatting plugin This is a small plugin that fixes a small annoyance in WordPress, by replacing single/double quotes and dashes by the pretty HTML form. 2012
QuickDiff A very simple script to take the input from 2 text-fields, and show you the difference between them in a visually appealing way, with the ability to share the results. Basically it's just a parser of the diff output from Linux. 2011
Varnish Configuration Templates A set of useful Varnish templates to be used in popular Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ForkCMS, ... systems. Also contains a few valuable cookie cleaning parts and general goodness. 2011
Firefox Extension: the 'shortlink revealer' A firefox extension that, upon mouseover of a URL, will show you the actual target of that URL - not the or other shortlink. 2011
WikiLeaks' Mirror Parser A quick script created to parse the WikiLeaks' mirrors, and match them to their ISP via RIPE WHOIS requests. This was useful to identify possible DDoS entries, as WikiLeaks is (at the time of writing), under heavy attack and their mirrors are potential targets too. 2010
Extended Mail Header Parser Developed because the normal parsers didn't do what I wanted. It takes the mailheaders as input, and retrieves all relevant information, and shows you the paths this e-mail went by to get to its destination. All headers (regex patterns, explanations etc.) are in a database, so it's easy to expand further (where I'll add additional headers, as I encounter them). 2010
Mobile Zabbix A mobile frontend for the Zabbix Monitoring software, to be used on any mobile device. Uses the Zabbix API and PHP to render the HTML, and jQTouch as the Javascript library to make it mobile-browser compatible. 2010
Scouts Lint A Dutch boyscouts website, where I developed the PHP backend. A wiki-style approach where a random URL could be entered to start creating a page. All content is database driven. 2008
SEO Analyzer Once started in the idea that I could easily create a Search Engine Optimization analyzer, that could quickly browse a page and show recommendations on how to improve the SEO. Turns out, it was harder than expected, and now abandoned. 2007
CodeBase A project-management solution, built so I could more easily share source code of developed projects, and keep track of time management. Only that first part actually got developed. 2004