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Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates

cron.weekly issue #72: FreeBSD, lkml, llvm, dnscontrol, buck, ReOpenLDAP, Postfix, Bash, Xargs & more

Finding the biggest data (storage) consumers in Zabbix

Drupal 7.x Services module unserialize() to Remote Code Execution

WordPress on PHP 7.1

CVE-2017-2636: Linux local privilege escalation flaw in ‘n_hdlc’

Vault7: WikiLeaks leaks secret CIA hacking arsenal

cron.weekly issue #70: GitHub, Kompose, Usql, tmux-cssh, HAProxy, icdiff, GlusterFS & more

Log all queries in a Laravel CLI command

Podcast: Config Management Camp: Kubernetes, Sysdig & Mgmt

DNS Spy enters public beta

Mitigating PHP’s long standing issue with OPCache leaking sensitive data

Cloudbleed: Cloudflare Reverse Proxies have Dumped Uninitialized Memory

Announcing the first SHA1 collision

Kernel patching with kexec: updating a CentOS 7 kernel without a full reboot

Linux kernel: CVE-2017-6074 – local privilege escalation in DCCP

Security is Hard: Where Do I Start?

HTML & CSS Is Hard: A friendly web development tutorial

PHP 7.2 to get modern cryptography into its standard library

IETF Draft: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) over multicast QUIC

Introducing Docker Secrets Management

Server-side timings in the Chrome Devtools

Review: Ubiquiti’s Amplifi HD, mesh WiFi networking done right?

Brotli compression saves 1.5 petabytes per day at Google’s Play Store

Flame graphs for file systems