Slides: HTTP/2 for PHP developers

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking in the PHP & Friends room at FOSDEM, Brussels. The slides for my talk "HTTP/2 for PHP developers" are now available online at speakerdeck. Embedded below: I hope to be back next year!

A clean mailing list browser, focussing on readability

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I wrote a new frontend for viewing mailing list entries that I'd like to show you. Its focus is on readability, typography and a clean layout. I've used Twitter's Bootstrap with Red Hat's Overpass font for a responsive and focussed layout. Here's what it looks like. I think it's

Coming soon: SysCast

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I'd like to introduce you to SysCast, a new online resource for learning about Open Source projects and Linux through screencasts.

Delete files older than X days in Linux

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Sometimes you want to remove old files on a server, like old log files or temporary files created ages ago, that are no longer relevant. Here's a quick command that lets you do that. But first, let's play safe and show you a command to view the files older

Sort ‘ps’ by memory usage in Linux

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If you type ps aux, you'll get a detailed output of all linux processes running at that time. Here's a little trick that allows you to sort that output by memory consumption, so the biggest memory consumers are at the bottom. $ ps aux | sort -nk +4 |

Get the file or directory owner in Bash for use in scripts on Linux

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If you ever need to retrieve the user that owns the file, or the group, you can use the very simple stat command. But instead of the usual grep/sed/awk dance, you can just set some additional parameters that retrieve only the user or group. Here's how that works: #!/bin/bash

Apache 2.4 AH01762 & AH01760: failed to initialize shm (Shared Memory Segment)

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I recently ran into the following problem on an Apache 2.4 server, where after server reboot the service itself would no longer start.

Introducing cron.weekly, a new weekly newsletter for Linux sysadmins

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A few weeks ago, I started a weekly newsletter for fellow Linux sysadmins and Open Source lovers, cleverly named cron.weekly. This may sound like a strange announcement if you've been following me on Twitter for a while, but I hadn't announced cron.weekly on this blog, yet. Shame on me.

Review: Google Chromecast 2

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Why I replaced my Apple TV with a Chromecast and didn't look back. I should probably start of by saying I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy. I got an Apple Watch and ranted about not having an iPhone for 4 days a couple of years ago. At the same time, I mocked the

The best tech question to ask in a job interview

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"Explain to me how the internet works."