Hi, I'm Mattias

I'm a developer, Sysadmin, Blogger, Podcaster and Public Speaker.

What I do

I tend to keep busy. Here's what I'm mostly up to when I'm not working at Nucleus.


I write technical articles about Linux, web development, open source and technology in general.

Open Source

Most of my projects are open sourced and available to the public. From little scripts to complete Varnish templates.

Public Speaking

From presentations to recording screen- and podcasts, I try to share as much of my knowledge as possible. I've given numerous talks both domestic and internationally.


These are a couple of projects I'm particularly proud of. There are many more, though.

SysCast Podcast

In this podcast I talk about web development, linux system administration and open source with interesting guests.


The Mailing List Archive (or MARC) is an archive of popular open source mailing lists, with a clear focus on readability and typography.


The cron.weekly newsletter is a weekly newsletter, delivered every Sunday, with news and tools tailored to Linux sysadmins.

Get in touch!

I'm not a particularly hard man to reach. You can find me on social media with the links below. Have a question or comment? Let me know!