Yum Update: DB_RUNRECOVERY Fatal error, run database recovery

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If for some reason your server's disk I/O fails during a yum or RPM manipulation, you can see the following error whenever you run yum or rpc: # yum update ... rpmdb: page 18816: illegal page type or format rpmdb: PANIC: Invalid argument rpmdb: Packages: pgin failed for page

Nginx 1.10 brings HTTP/2 support to the stable releases

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A very small update was sent to the nginx-announce mailing list today. And I do mean very small: Changes with nginx 1.10.0 --- 26 Apr 2016 *) 1.10.x stable branch. --- Maxim Dounin http://nginx.org/ [nginx-announce] nginx-1.10.0 At first, you wouldn't think much of it. However, this new release includes

Staying up-to-date on open source announcements & security issues via Twitter

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For those who follow me on Twitter it's probably no surprise: I'm pretty active there. I enjoy the interactions, the platform for sharing links and for keeping me up-to-date on technical news. To help with the latter, I built 2 twitter bots that keep me informed about open source

Bash on Windows: a hidden bitcoin goldmine?

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Bash on Windows is available as an insider preview, nothing generally available and nothing final (so this behaviour hopefully will still change). Processes started in Bash do not show up in the Windows Task Manager and can be used to hide CPU intensive workers, like bitcoin miners. I ran

What happens when you run “rm -fr /” on a Linux machine?

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I made a quick video to show what exactly happens when you type rm -fr / on a Linux machine.

Video: HTTP/2 for PHP Developers at FOSDEM 2016

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One of my most recent presentations about HTTP/2, given at FOSDEM 2016 in February, is available for viewing. This was a lot of fun to give a presentation at conference with so many great speakers and open source contributors. There's a bit of background noise (as always on FOSDEM

ssh fatal: Access denied for user by PAM account configuration [preauth]

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This was an interesting issue I encountered on a Linux machine. I renamed a user in /etc/passwd, but forgot to rename its entry in /etc/shadow.

Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows: Demo

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Microsoft surprised everyone last night when they announced that Ubuntu is running natively in Windows 10. That means we get all the Ubuntu/Linux perks in the Windows world. Microsoft has also released a demo of Ubuntu/Bash running on Windows. What follows are screen captures of Bash running inside Windows.

Ruby gem search: show all remote versions

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Here's a quick reminder on how to use Ruby gems at the command line to search for remote packages and show all their versions. This example searches for a gem called "wkhtmltoimage-binary". By default, it will tell you which is the latest version of that particular gem. $ gem

nginx-1.9.13: no longer retry non-idempotent upstream requests by default

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Release 1.9.13 of Nginx, just out a couple of hours ago, fixes a long standing bug: non-idempotent requests could be resent to another upstream, potentially causing multiple form submits, multiple deletes, ... In simpler terms: a POST request sent to Nginx could be sent to multiple upstreams if for