I'm good at Linux, PHP, application debugging & scaling services.

You can contact me if you need any help.

My career has been focussed mostly on Linux servers and PHP web development. I've been blogging about this for more than a decade.

If you need help with a technical problem, I can help as an independent consultant. I've helped scale services from 1 to 100+ servers, debugged complex problems and advised on successful re-architectures of complex web applications.

Here's what I'm good at. 👇

Image of Mattias Geniar

Varnish implementations 🚀

I maintain popular varnish templates used by organizations worldwide. The defaults don't always cut it, though.

If you're struggling implementing Varnish or getting good cache hit rates, I can help with the implementation and advise on your software architecture to make the best use of Varnish.

From getting better cache hit rates, faster pages, creating a good cache purge plan, adding scripting, ... I've been implementing Varnish for the last 6+ years and have extensive knowledge to help you.

From a few hours of consultancy to re-writing your entire VCL, we can find a way to make your Varnish implementation a success.

Server scalability ⚖️

Your web application is becoming more popular and you're reaching the limits of a single server?

Don't let server struggles distract your developers, I can help. I've grown web applications from a single server to 100+ servers, optimizing the application every step along the way.

I've helped build the infrastructure that powers kinepolis.com, teleticketservice.com, studio100.com and plenty more.

Scaling servers also means implementing new technologies, like caching layers, scaling database servers, sharding data, separating web servers, adding queueing technologies, ...

Training & coaching 🎓

I regularly speak at conferences and can provide tailored educational content to your organisation or event.

  • - Group sessions on Varnish, Linux, coding, ...
  • - 1-on-1 teaching & coaching
  • - Public speaking & conference speaking

Reach out if you want to train your developers or system administrators.

Technology stack 👀

I've worked with nearly all modern open source technology. In particular, I'm good at:

  • - Server management (CentOS, Debian & Ubuntu)
  • - Web: Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Caddy, ...
  • - Database: MySQL / MariaDB
  • - Caching: Varnish, Redis, Memcached
  • - Modern PHP (7.x and higher)
  • - High availability setups, cloud & on-prem
  • - Scaling: load balancing, failovers, scale-out
  • - Server security
  • - Application troubleshooting

Over the years, I’ve …

  • Written code and architected web applications that run PHP & JavaScript
  • Advised and successfully implemented new software architectures & software designs
  • Implemented caching strategies
  • Scaled web-services from a single server to well over a hundred
  • Configured load balancers, database clusters & queue’ing systems
  • Worked on new UI/UX improvements for products

How to reach me?

If you’re interested in working together, reach out via m@ttias.be. If you prefer other communication methods, have a look at my contact page.

We can schedule a video call to talk about the challenge or problem you’re facing and how I can help.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile with several recommendations (sorry for the #HumbleBrag, but I’m trying to prove I’m a trustworthy guy. 🤗 ).

Practical information

If we have a match, here are some practical details on how we can proceed.

  1. I’d probably need SSH server access, here’s my public key & IP addresses for firewalls
  2. Payments can be made through wiretransfer or via credit card. Here’s some more info on that.
  3. I have a strong preference for remote work.

Let’s talk, shall we?