The Infinite File Downloader

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Mattias Geniar, December 29, 2014

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A random idea. 30 minutes of spare time. And voila, we have a side project. A completely useless one, as well.

I present you: The Infinite File Download. Why? Because!

The Infinite File Download

What is it? A PHP file that just keeps on sending binary data to your browser, as soon as you hit download. It never stops. It’ll download as quickly as A) my little server is capable and B) as fast as your line supports it.

Want to test the speed of your downloads, just by downloading random bits and never saving it to your disk? Pipe it to your local trashbin, /dev/null.

$ wget -O /dev/null
    [        <=>     ] 41.078.320  8,10M/s

I’ll also kill this project as soon as the bandwidth exceeds a randomly determined “fair use policy”. The source is up on Github. The landing page theme is the Narrow Jumbotron Template from Bootstrap.

Perhaps I could use this to make a statement about “unlimited” bandwidth providers, but I’ll keep that rant for another time.

**Update: took the project offline when moving servers, didn’t seem like it was worth keeping. 😄 **

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