Introducing cron.weekly, a new weekly newsletter for Linux sysadmins

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Mattias Geniar, January 05, 2016

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A few weeks ago, I started a weekly newsletter for fellow Linux sysadmins and Open Source lovers, cleverly named cron.weekly.

This may sound like a strange announcement if you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while, but I hadn’t announced cron.weekly on this blog, yet. Shame on me.

I come across a lot of interesting Linux and Open Source content on a daily basis. From now on, I save the most interesting articles and summarise the week in this new newsletter.

Every Sunday morning you can expect the newsletter in your mailbox (if you sign up, of course). I think I’ve settled on the layout and format of the newsletter after the first 9 issues. I’m happy with the results and if you’re a Linux fan, you may like it too.

The website is over at, where I also keep a list of all the sent issues in the archives.


There are a couple of ways to subscribe to the newsletter, you can pick whichever you like;

  • Subscribe via mail, it’s delivered to your inbox every Sunday (preferred method, the newsletter is optimised for mail)
  • Follow the cron.weekly account on Twitter as @CronWeekly
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed at

I’m really enjoying myself in putting together each issue, it’s a chance to share interesting links, guides, news and new projects in a more structured way. Sharing links on Twitter is fun and all, but it’s so easy to miss the good stuff.

If you’ve got ideas for content or if you’ve written an interesting blogpost and you’d like to get featured, just let me know (via Twitter on @mattiasgeniar or @CronWeekly or just via mail) and I’ll happily include it.

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