Oh Dear 2.0 launched

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Mattias Geniar, September 29, 2022

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I couldn’t be prouder to showcase Oh Dear 2.0, our all-in-one monitoring solution for websites. Over the past year, we’ve redesigned the entire service and have started implementing the designs. And now, it’s ready.

For the images below, you can use the slider in the middle to show the old version (left) or the new version (right) and compare for yourself.

Our homepage

First impressions matter, and I think we’ve made some good leaps forward here.

Uptime monitoring feature page

Here’s how we highlight a particular feature, in the marketing pages. For example, our uptime checks.


We’re proud to have very extensive documentation, explaining features, settings and API and integration possibilities.


This is what it looks like when you’re logged in and look at your sites that are being monitored.

With over 10+ different checks being performed, the old layout was getting a bit cluttered. We now group the errors/alerts into a single column, to create a calmer-looking dashboard.

Website overview

This is what it looks like on a detail page of a site being monitored, offering a birds-eye-view of the state and health of the site.

Performance pages

First impressions matter, and I think we’ve made some good leaps forward here.

Want to give it a try? There’s a no-card-required free trial of 10 days. Seriously, no strings attached. Try it, subscribe if you love it, ignore the emails if you hate it.

Next up on our list is:

  • Mobile/responsive version of our app, so it’s as usable on mobile as it is on the desktop
  • Adding additional checks & services: any tips or feedback on this is much appreciated - what’s missing today?
  • Scale the service to support the next 14B checks 💪

See you guys at Oh Dear 3.0! 🥳

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