Posting my Varnish 3.0 configs to Github

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Mattias Geniar, June 29, 2011

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I’ve spent some time optimizing my own Varnish 3.0 VCL configuration files and have pushed them over to github so they can be reviewed/used by others too. They include:

  • A working template for WordPress
  • Server-Side URL rewriting
  • Clean error pages for debugging
  • Virtual Host implementations
  • Various header normalizations
  • Cookie manipulations

Some may argue with the “clean error page” for debugging purposes, but I find it useful to debug/print some of the internals of a Varnish request when I see fit. Here’s how it looks if you were to uncomment the error line in the conf.d/_wordpress-receive.vcl file.

I continue to refine those VCL configs and I’ll keep that github repository updated, so if you’re interested feel free to follow that repository and add any comments you may have.

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