Presentation: Mobile Zabbix, Why Mobile Matters (MoZBX)

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Mattias Geniar, November 23, 2014

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Going through some old files, I found a presentation I gave in Riga on the Zabbix Conference in 2012, that I never posted online. Better late than never!

The slides are about a Mobile WebUI I made for the Zabbix interface, dubbed MoZBX. Although the project hasn’t been updated in a while, I still use it daily and according to the stats, so do a few thousand downloaders.

The talk was also recorded, so here’s the full YouTube video for the above presentation.

I don’t see MoZBX evolving much in the next few years (I lack time to properly update the code and follow upstream features), but for now – it still works. I can only hope Zabbix comes up with a response UI for the monitoring system that would make my tool obsolete.

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