Recent OpenSSL Security Advisories Are a Good Thing

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Mattias Geniar, January 08, 2015

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The announcement of upcoming security advisories was just finalized with several new CVE’s being announced by OpenSSL. I like this.

Obviously not the CVE’s themselves. But the announcement means OpenSSL is far from dead. It means there’s security researchers finding bugs and there are developers fixing them. It means responsible disclosure. This isn’t a new piss at LibreSSL, but a positive look towards OpenSSL.

In May 2014 a donation of 133.000eur was made to the OpenSSL project, and in December that same company donated the same amount, again. Big cheers!

I know 2 donations a year, from the same company, don’t fix the problems with OpenSSL. But I am glad to still see OpenSSL alive and kicking and being actively supported!

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