Remove a single mail from the postfix queue on Linux

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Mattias Geniar, March 01, 2012

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When running Postfix, it’s very easy to delete an e-mail from an existing mail queue. You may want to do this if a certain e-mail is bouncing back and forth between the mailservers with “lost connection with [mailserver] while sending end of data -– message may be sent more than once” messages. First, a few basics.

To show your entire mailqueue, type the following at a bash prompt.

# postqueue -p | more 

To find a specific e-mail sent to a certain e-mail address, use grep.

# postqueue -p | grep "" -B 2 -A 1
B3D7B2601F8A    56352 Tue Feb 28 17:19:58
(lost connection with [mailserver] while sending end of data -- message may be sent more than once)

The first line of your result will indicate a message ID (in this case “B3D7B2601F8A”). To delete that e-mail, run the following.

# postsuper -d B3D7B2601F8A
postsuper: B3D7B2601F8A: removed
postsuper: Deleted: 1 message

That you’ve just identified the mail you wanted to remove and removed it from the Postfix queue.

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