I started a podcast for sysadmins and developers: SysCast

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Mattias Geniar, June 03, 2016

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In preparation of the launch of SysCast, the screencasting site where you can learn about linux and open source, I started a podcast: the SysCast podcast!

I’ve been playing with this idea for a couple of months and having been guest on a number of podcasts (on HTTP/2 and DevOps), I decided I wanted to start my own.

As a result, the SysCast podcast was born!


The first 3 episodes have been recorded and are available online:

  1. The Caddy webserver, with Matt Holt
  2. An introduction to Docker, with Nils de Moor
  3. Managing secrets with Vault, with Seth Vargo
In terms of content, I try to find a solid mix between Linux, open source, web development and system administration. Expect a mix of both Dev and Ops topics. You might even call it DevOps.
I'm an avid listener of podcasts in my daily commute or when going shopping, trying to fill every bit of spare time with an interesting podcasts so I can learn new things (something about being [obsessively efficient][7]). My goal is to make SysCast fit into that category, too.

Want to subscribe to updates? There are a couple of ways:

  * [A plain RSS feed][8]
  * [SysCast on iTunes][9]
  * [SysCast on Overcast.fm][10]
  * [SysCast on Player.fm][11]

There are plenty of podcasting apps out there, if you search them for _SysCast_, it should pop up.

A very big thanks to my first 3 guests and to everyone who's been listening and sending in feedback! I'd love to hear what other topics you would like to hear about or which interesting guests I could bring on the show.

I've already got some interesting guests lined up for next few weeks too!

So as of now, I can add _Podcaster_ to my [Twitter bio][12]. Geek status++.

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