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Mattias Geniar, April 19, 2016

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For those who follow me on Twitter it's probably no surprise: I'm pretty active there. I enjoy the interactions, the platform for sharing links and for keeping me up-to-date on technical news. To help with the latter, I built 2 twitter bots that keep me informed about open source announcements & security vulnerabilities.

Both are built on top of the data aggregation that’s happening in MARC, the mailing list archive.

If you’re into Twitter, you can follow these accounts:

If I’m missing any news sources, let me know.

For the last one, @foss_security 1, I even enabled push notifications. Several 0days have already been disclosed there (including the latest remote code execution vulnerability in git) so I find it worth keeping an eye out on that one.

I’m not planning on making RSS feeds for those, as the current implementation was a really quick 30-minute hack on top of MARC that easily allowed me to send tweets using the Twitter API 2.

No spam, no advertising, no bullshit: just the content on both accounts.

If you’re into that kind of thing, follow @oss_announce and @foss_security.

1 There’s also an existing account, called @oss_security (mine is named @foss_security, with an extra ‘f’), but that one only pipes everything from the oss-security mailing list to Twitter, including replies and discussions, no other data sources.

2 Built with dg/twitter-php library

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