Useful Varnish 3.0 Commands: one-liners with varnishtop and varnishlog

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Mattias Geniar, June 29, 2011

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Here are some useful commands if you’re toying around with Varnish and want to get some more insight into what’s happening. Varnishtop will show you the hits you’re getting in a “top”-like style, so the most active hits are shown on top. Varnishlog simply iterates over all logs and displays them as you would tail a normal log-file.

Top requests to your backend

This shows only the “TxURL”, the URL being retrieved from your backend.

# varnishtop -i TxURL
# varnishlog -b | grep 'TxURL'

Requests made by a client

This shows only the “RxURL”, the URL being requested.

# varnishtop -i RxURL
# varnishlog -c | grep 'RxURL'

Show cookies being sent by clients

This will list all HTTP headers with a “Cookie” keyword in the request that are being sent to Varnish.

# varnishtop -i RxHeader -I Cookie
# varnishlog -c | grep 'Cookie: '

Which host is being requested the most

Only really useful when you’re serving multiple hosts in Varnish.

varnishtop -i RxHeader -I '^Host:'
varnishlog -i RxHeader | grep 'Host: '

There’s plenty more useful & small Varnish commands, if you have some more feel free to add them to the comments!

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