Varnish 6.0 released

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Mattias Geniar, March 15, 2018

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Varnish 6.0 has just been released. Here are the biggest changes:

The biggest user-visible change is probably that we, or to be totally honest here: Geoff Simmons (UPLEX), have added support for Unix Domain Sockets, both for clients and for backend servers.

Because UNIX Domain Sockets have nothing like IP numbers, we were forced to define a new level of the VCL language vcl 4.1 to cope with UDS.


The HTTP/2 code has received a lot of attention from Dag Haavi Finstad (Varnish Software) and it holds up in production on several large sites now.


There are new and improved VMODs:

– vmod_directors -– Much work on the shard director

– vmod_proxy -– Proxy protocol information

– vmod_unix -– Unix Domain Socket information

– vmod_vtc -– Utility functions for writing varnishtest cases.

Source: Changes in Varnish 6.0 — Varnish version 6.0.0 documentation

My Varnish templates have been updated to support Varnish 6.x.