Why We Deserve Our System Administration Appreciation Day

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Mattias Geniar, July 30, 2009

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And I bet you’ve never heard of SysAdmin Appreciation Day! Here’s why we deserve it:

  • We keep your Facebook/Netlog/Twitter running, 247
  • We’ll make sure you can receive e-mail, 247
  • We will protect your e-shop, 247
  • We’ll tweak servers for maximum performance, 247
  • We’ll protect your other servers with firewalls, 247
  • We’ll make sure you can call using Voice-over-IP, 247
  • We’ll make sure you can call, period. (Yes, this runs on actual servers too, not just over the air – 247)
  • We’ll keep businesses going by providing seemless IT integration, 247
  • We’ll work on holidays, nightshifts, peak hours, … Heck, we’re even on standby while having sex. 247
  • We’ll protect your private, sensitive information you so freely enter into webforms, 247
  • We’ll hack into our own systems, to detect security leapholes before anyone else will, 247
  • We’ll encrypt your data on e-payment, 247
  • We’ll work 24hour-straight shifts, surviving on a mere combination of Coffee, M&Ms and Coca Cola, 247

Just imagine the power we have. Fear us. Because, all your base are belong to us.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

_*Edit 2009: it was a good one in 2009, with lots of pretty cakes_!

_*Edit 2010: again, we were treated with a nice one_!

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