Accepting new sponsorships for the cron.weekly newsletter

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Mattias Geniar, January 31, 2020

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In case you’ve missed it: the cron.weekly newsletter is back!

Example of cron.weekly

I’m about 6 issues in to the new season and I feel I’ve gotten a good flow going. The boring stuff is automated, the toolchain is solid and I’m enjoying writing once again. 💪

Next steps for cron.weekly

Now that everything’s going smoothly again, I want to explore sponsored content again. If you have a product or service that you would like to promote to an eager audience of Linux users or open source & web developers, get in touch!

I’m picky about who I accept and who I don’t (sorry sponsors). There needs to be a match between the audience and your service, otherwise you’re just burning money and I’m losing credibility.

I want this to be a win-win for both of us, you know. 😘

What can you promote?

I’ve been thinking about the content of the newsletter some more recently, and have come up with this list of valuable, relevant content to consider.

  1. Product or service announcements
  2. Job listings
  3. Events & conference promotions

Historically, sponsors have always been promoting a product or service directly.

However, in a market where getting noticed as an organization to skilled engineers is increasingly more difficult, promoting a job listing might have additional value.

I’ve already listed several conferences to promote them, adding a commercial layer on top of that makes sense.

Cuánto cuesta?

I feel the rates are reasonable, you can look at the metrics of the newsletter & the advertising rates on this dedicated sponsorship page.

If you’re interested, reach out! 😉

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