cron.weekly issue #152: HTTP/3, eBPF, MySQL & more

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Mattias Geniar, October 11, 2020

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Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to cron.weekly issue #152.

A slightly shorter issue, but I just couldn’t find more interesting links this week. Better short & good than long & boring. πŸ˜„

Onwards and β˜•οΈ !

News & general πŸ—ž

Chrome is deploying HTTP/3 and IETF QUIC

We’re happy to announce that Chrome is rolling out support for IETF QUIC (specifically, draft version h3-29). Today 25% of Chrome Stable users are using h3-29, and we plan on increasing that number over the coming weeks as we continue to monitor performance data.

HTTP/3 is coming to the masses! At least on the client-side. Now that this part of the chicken-egg problem is moving forward, it’s time to see more server-side adoption of HTTP/3.

My blog should be served over HTTP/3, but after some more testing I still couldn’t verify it in the Network Inspector.

Stop the EARN IT Bill Before It Breaks Encryption

This is homework for my US friends & readers: the new EARN IT bill will provide a backdoor to all encrypted messaging for the US government. Now’s your time to take action against this.

The open source paradox

“A new idea is insinuating in social networks and programming communities. It’s the proportionality between the money people give you for coding something, and the level of demand for quality they can claim to have about your work."

Pressing YubiKeys

Are you also tired of pressing your YubiKey? Well, if you have a 3D printer, too much time and a serious amount of coding-skills, you can automate the entire process. πŸ˜…

Tools & Projects πŸ› 


Kill Kubernetes pods by playing Id’s DOOM!


A machine learning tool that allows to train, test and use models without writing code.

Analyze all of your Linux logs with just a few clicks

Eliminate the need to learn or use a complex query language with Datadog’s intuitive platform. Create real-time log analysis dashboards in seconds with customizable, drag-and-drop capabilities.

Start a free trial today, install the agent, and Datadog will send you a free t-shirt! Sponsored


A Bash argument parsing code generator.

Guides & Tutorials πŸŽ“

Unlocking eBPF power

eBPF seems very powerful, this write-up gives a practical example of looking at the bluebooth module, finding out which function calls are available in that module and then hooking into them to execute your own code.

TIME for a weird MySQL moment

MySQL has a peculiar way of dealing with large TIME values in queries, this write-up gives some examples where it can go wrong (and some are pretty interesting to wrap your head around!).

Scaling the Root of the DNS

A very interesting write-up on how the root zone works and scales in DNS.

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