cron.weekly issue #148: Caddy, Chef, TLS, grep & more

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Mattias Geniar, September 13, 2020

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Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to cron.weekly issue #148.

Looks like everyone’s been hiding their acquisition news until September, with major news from both Chef and Caddy this week!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Now it’s time for β˜•οΈ.

News & general πŸ—ž

Linux 5.0 To Linux 5.9 Kernel Benchmarking

This post contains very in-depth benchmarking of all kernel version between 5.0 and the latest 5.9. It surprised me how different the results can be for some services, depending on the application workload you may benefit from a different kernel version!

Debian project has plenty of money but not enough developers

An interesting read about the ethos of the Debian project. A conservative approach to its financials has resulted in a nice war chest, but no developers.

Caddy Server is acquired

Free open-source product Caddy has been acquired by Apilayer. Caddy and CertMagic have new ownership, but there are no changes to licensing or development. In fact, it allows Matt to work on Caddy full-time now.

Progress to Purchase Chef

Progress, the company, has purchased Chef, the popular config management system.

Certificate lifetime limited to 1y since September 1st, 2020

I forgot to mention this in last week’s issue, but since September 1st 2020, new (trusted) certificates have a maximum lifetime of 398 days (roughly 1 year). Some more details are available on the Oh Dear blog.

Why I Actively Discourage Online Tooling

I agree with this post: many developers & sysadmins use online JSON validators, formatters, linters etc. but are often unaware what sensitive data they’re putting on unknown websites. It’s the main reason I built my own JSON formatter, simple random data generator, and sha/md5/base64/URI encoder.

Introducing GitHub Container Registry

With Docker Hub announcing rate limits on its container repositories, it seems like a smart move from Github to announce their plan to offer container registry.

Tools & Projects πŸ› 

Elvish Shell

Elvish is a friendly interactive shell and an expressive programming language. It runs on Linux, BSDs, macOS and Windows. - Email at its best, new from Basecamp

Stop emailing like it’s 2010 and get a fresh start with HEY. HEY is an all-new take on email designed to give you back control with features like the screener, reply later workflow, file attachment explorer and more. Run your email, don’t let it run you.

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OpenCATS is a Free and Open Source Candidate/Applicant Tracking System designed for Recruiters to manage recruiting process from job posting, candidate application, through to candidate selection and submission.

BitTorrent v2

libtorrent-2.0 has just been released with a few major new features. One of them is support for BitTorrent v2, which has some fascinating tech underpinning its workings.


Fennel is a programming language that brings together the speed, simplicity, and reach of Lua with the flexibility of a lisp syntax and macro system. Anywhere you can run Lua code, you can run Fennel code.

Portmaster AMA - We want your feedback

As a company we believe in listening to our users, creating products that actually give you the tools you need to protect you and your family. Get to know the team during their AMA over at r/PrivacytoolsIO starting on the 18th of September. Sponsored


A slightly older tool, but I learned just learned about it recently: grepcidr allows you to filter IPv4 and IPv6 addresses matching CIDR patterns.

Guides & Tutorials πŸŽ“

A beginner’s guide to SSH for remote connection on Linux

A very thorough starters guide on SSH, from installing and configuring the server to using the client.

Jobs πŸ“‡

If you want to advertise your job opening here, have a look at the sponsorship section on the website and get in touch.

IT System Admin at WebSupport

Do you want to be in charge of one of the largest infrastructures in CEE? Join us in developing online world. Working as an IT System Administrator will deepen your knowledge of OS Linux, architecture of large solutions and administration of systems that host over 160.000 domains.

Location: Bratislava, Prague

Technical campaigner at WeMove.EU

You’ll work on the software (mostly open-source) and server operation for our online campaigning activities towards a Europe that puts people and the planet first. The stack includes Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Docker, Ansible and you will interact with humans.

Location: Anywhere in the EU

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