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DNS Research: using SPF to query internal DNS resolvers

A proposal for cryptocurrency addresses in DNS

Chrome & Firefox now force .dev domains to HTTPS via preloaded HSTS

Linux man-pages: man-pages-4.13 is released

Cloudflare now servers F-Root instance

Laravel Horizon: requires ext-posix, missing from CentOS

Presentation: Code Obfuscation, PHP shells & more

cron.weekly issue #97: kernel 4.13, TLS, LLVM, Yarn, Vagrant, AWX, Nginx & more

Coming soon: Oh Dear! – Monitoring for the encrypted web

CAA record checking now mandatory for Certificate Authorities

2 interesting things happened in last cron.weekly’s newsletter

Release Notes Driven Development (RNDD)

Restore one-click certificate viewing in Chrome

Removing root-owned files as a non-root user

MariaDB: JSON datatype supported as of 10.2

RHEL & CentOS 7.4 restores HTTP/2 functionality on Nginx

Podcast: The Ceremony, the birth of Zcash

Choose source IP with ping to force ARP refreshes

Apache httpd 2.2.15-60: underscores in hostnames are now blocked

mysqldump without table locks (MyISAM and InnoDB)

Unix timeĀ 1.500.000.000

Launching the cron.weekly forum

Some more nuances to the systemd debacle

Podcast: Caching using Varnish

Giving perspective on systemd’s “usernames that start with digit get root privileges”-bug